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Text Excerpts adapted from
"Tales From The Volusia County Nightclub Scene"
by Anthony Sica of Volusia Views Magazine.

Jimmy Ivanhoe's Rockin' Ranch is sort of a "nightspot" legend to residents of Ormond Beach. Starting out more than 25 years ago as the Dungeon, and then the Porthole, the building was bought by country music star Dale Ellis and his dad, who turned the dilapidated bar/club into the Rockin' "E" Ranch. A short time later in 1981, Jimmy Ivanhoe purchased the nightclub replacing the "E" with his own name and keeping the Ranch as a country music hangout. Jimmy had big dreams for his club, but, unfortunately, never saw them materialize. A month after purchasing the Ranch, Jimmy passed away. Carrying her father's torch, Janet Ivanhoe took over.

"Since 1981, things have drastically changed", states Ivanhoe. "I would never have dreamed country music would be so accepted by folks from every walk of life -- the typical "redneck" has been replaced by all sorts of local folks over the years, which has made us very successful."

Due to the explosion of country music, in the last few years, the Rockin' Ranch has brought in a whole new audience... If all this two-steppin' and line-dancing makes you work up an appetite, the Rockin' Ranch still serves great munchies, available six nights a week for your consumption.

Jimmy Ivanhoe's Rockin' Ranch is just that, "rockin." For anyone with a love of country music, I strongly recommend visiting this legendary Ormond Beach club, but don't be intimidated by the exterior barn-like appearance. Truthfully the interior is spotlessly clean, with no brawls, red and white tablecloths or chicken wire. In fact, the only thing you'll find that's stereotypically country-western at the Ranch is an abundance of cowboy boots and hats worn by customers, and the familiar twang of the guitars on stage. Whether you packup the BMW or the 4X4, there's a good time waiting for you at Jimmy Ivanhoe's Rockin' Ranch. Tell'em "My Cousin Vinny" sent you.

"Go Party

To join the line-dancing party, head to the Rockin' Ranch. You'll find live bands, free dancing lessons, a full bar and as much fun as you can have in a 10-gallon hat and spurs."

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Rockin' Ranch Night Club · 801 S Nova Rd · Ormond Beach, FL 32174 · (386) 673-0904

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